The Coming Through
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The Coming Through

The Coming Through

奇蹟的女兒 (2018)

Genres: Unknown
Actors: Unknown
Directors: Unknown
Networks: Unknown
Duration: 0 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Taiwanese
Released: 2018
Episode: Ep 4 / 4
Adapted from the novel "Factory Daughter Circle" published by Yang Qingyu in 1978, directed by Zheng Wentang, following the "Glorious Time", the second time directed the public drama ‬ age drama, the whole drama has a total of four episodes. The background of the story was set in the 1970s when Taiwan was in the stage of economic miracle. From the perspective of women workers who left the countryside to work in the processing export zone and the economic take-off, the main hero of the economic take-off, through their consciousness, portrayed the cruelty behind the "miracle". The reality and the story of the women workers. The director added elements such as "Enlightenment" and "Awakening" in the drama series to serve as an opportunity for the main action to show the changes in the role thinking.

Because of his own background, Zheng Wentang resonated with the scornful worker's hard work, earning money, and finding the dignity of life when he read "The Daughter Circle of the Factory". Therefore, he chose this book as the original work of the series. Adapt the base. Although the original and the series of episodes have been released for three or four decades, the issues of equal pay for men and women, workplace harassment, etc., are still reflected in the current life, which is another attraction for him. important reason. Zheng Wentang hopes that through the experience of the protagonist, the audience will review the past and enable mutual understanding and communication between generations.
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