All Out of Love
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All Out of Love

All Out of Love

凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 (2018)

Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Actors: Ray Ma, Sun Yi, Wallace Chung, Alan Yu, Wang Zhi
Directors: Unknown
Networks: Hunan TV
Also Known As: Liang Sheng, Wo Men Ke Bu Ke Yi Bu You Shang, Can We Not Be Sad
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Chinese
Released: 2018
Episode: Ep 70 / 70
Because of their family situation and hard life, Jiang Sheng and her older half-brother Liang Sheng lean on each other to survive. Even though materialistic substance was scarce, the greatest happiness for both of them was to be by each other's side, and they start to develop feelings beyond their control. However, they choose to hide their feelings because their love is against ethics and morals.
After a car incident in their university days, Liang Sheng disappears. With the accompaniment of Cheng Tian You, Jiang Sheng searches high and low for Liang Sheng. Tian You also falls in love with the seemingly normal but extraordinary Jiang Sheng. Eventually, Jiang Sheng returns Tian You's devoted feelings, and they eventually got married. However, the reappearance of Liang Sheng complicates things, as he was revealed to be Tian You's cousin.
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